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  • Springs for contact probes

    The reliability of various electronic devices depends on the strict inspections of semiconductors. There are fine springs made by FineParts inside the contact probes that are necessary for these inspections. The smallest springs of these probes have an outer diameter of only 0.06 mm.

  • Springs for ballpoint pens

    Are there springs in ballpoint pens? In reality, the ball inside the tip of a gel ink ballpoint pen is supported by a specially-shaped spring, which prevents dripping of the ink while allowing the pen to write smoothly.

  • Springs for electronic

    Springs for electronic connectors

    You could say that electronic connectors are mounted in all electronic devices. This type is often needed in large volumes in a short period of time. However, in the case of FineParts, there are no problems whatsoever.

  • Specially shaped

    Specially shaped springs

    FineParts has a tremendous amount of experience making specially shaped springs.
    We can work closely together from the very first developing stage.


  • Aug./11/2018 We updated our video. Please take a look.
  • Oct./27/2017 We are going to exhibit in electronica China2018 (14th-16th, Mar.)
  • Oct./27/2017 We are going to exhibit in Japan SMEs Tech & Services2017 (6th-8th, Dec.)
  • Jun./01/2016 We are going to exhibit in SEMICON TAIWAN 2016 (7th-9th, Sept.)
  • Apr./11/2013 Our springs are going to be displayed in "The Sekai-Ichi special exhibition".
  • Mar./27/2013 Our technologies were introduced on a major broadcasting station, TV Asahi.
  • Feb./24/2012 Our technologies were introduced on a major broadcasting station,NTV

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